4-BHK Indian Traditional Villas

4-BHK Indian Traditional Villas
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RH-1638-property 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms

4-BHK Indian Traditional Villas, is a space of your own that shall warmly embrace you and gently invigorate you to a being of contentment. It is a welcoming space that blends traditional values and high morals.

Vicenza Vanakkam are picturesque villas designed to elevate a sense of care and well-being. It truly offers a contemporary lifestyle gently fused with traditional living. The dwelling has a calm and peaceful campus to nurture a profound life. It is a meticulous and closely-knit plan that also enhances the idea of communal living.

This traditional dwelling boasts landscaped environs with sprawling expanse of lush green lawns. An open and spacious balcony present in each of the villa lets you relish the warmth of sun and serenity of a beautiful night. Leaving you completely mesmerized in your own gleaming thoughts, Vicenza Vanakkam liberates your nerves and lets you unwind.

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